Sons of Jacob


Male Mentoring Ministry

Founder & Overseer

Robert L. Young Sr.

Director Jamal Muhammad



To instill knowledge, wisdom, and understanding into the minds and hearts of young men who have eyes and see not, and have ears and hear not. Therefore, we are to sound an alarm by being a voice crying out in the wilderness (our community) regarding the war that is taking place in our community to destroy our young men. We believe that if our young men are allowed to be locked up in the prison of their own mind then it will only be a matter of time before this figurative prison will manifest into a literal prison. Thus, it is our mission to provide the collective and effective keys needed to set our young men free from the shackles of worldly entrapment and onto the powerful, challenging, and enriching manifestation of manhood.

History of the Program


The Sons of Jacob Mentoring Ministry was established March 2007 by Bishop Robert L. Young Sr. while serving as Assessment Specialist and Counselor for Crowley Independent School District. After counseling a number of boys each week due to failing grades, truancy, discipline problems, and a number of personal problems that affected their behavior and studies in school Bishop Young were led by God to establish the Sons of Jacob Mentoring Ministry. It is Bishop Young’s desire to assist in changing the lives of every young man that enters the program by providing love, knowledge, wisdom, discipline and spiritual guidance. The program began with only eight boys from North Crowley High School and eight boys from Crowley High School. Bishop Young envision this mentoring ministry to be implemented in other schools and churches in the near future.


The reason it’s called the “Sons of Jacob”


Jacob was a young man mentioned in the bible that cheated his way through life and cheated his brother out of his birthright and went on the run for fear of his brother taking his life. Years later Jacob decided to reconcile the relationship between him and his brother. This decision brought Jacob into a one-on-one wrestling match with God after which Jacob’s hip was put out of joint and he and his brother reconciled their differences. In this same manner a young male who has been condition to take the easy way out by manipulating a given situation, and not taking responsibility for his actions is in fact robbing himself and others close to him of their birthright. In order to transform from a boy into manhood he must understand that there will be a struggle and a fire to go through in order to become a man.


Sons of Jacob

Male Mentoring Ministry

Vision Statement


  • To challenge young men to transform their lives into one that is productive and positive.
  • To transform the lives of young males to that of strong men by implementing a combination of academic, social skills, esteem building, common sense, and spiritual enhancement.
  • To build up young males and transform them into men with an inside out approach, spirit, soul and body.
  • To enrich our community by motivating, educating, challenging, and empowering young males and their parents.
  • Assist young males through the turbulent fires of boyhood to maturity.
  • Be a male mentor with a firm, fair and consistent approach